VIBIA today has a clearly-defined identity, founded on coherent criteria and consistent design codes.

VIBIA design is accessible, cheerful, evolutionary rather than revolutionary and is expressed through the practicality, visible material quality and accurate forms of its products.

All VIBIA products are registered original designs. Twenty teams of product design and interior design professionals are behind VIBIA products. They all provide creativity, freshness and a certain mischievousness, always at the service of VIBIA's coherence in terms of criteria, values and identity.

Innovation is part of VIBIA's DNA. Product development is a never-ending source of stimulation: constantly incorporating new technology, processes and materials to make every new product a new challenge, with no limits.

This complex context represents a challenge which has led us to develop a ground-breaking, successful organisational model to guarantee maximum quality and a high level of service without sacrificing ongoing product development.

Breaking with conservative practices, VIBIA pursues a new kind of relationship with its distributors and commercial networks, seeing them as a substantial part of its business and offering them a new framework for cooperation.

The VIBIA communication strategy is uniquely its own, setting out to constantly stimulate consumers and professionals throughout the world, to create a new experience for them.

VIBIA is based in Barcelona (SPAIN), a place of cultivated design culture and an important knowledge cluster, where we have been able to channel our industrial and service suppliers' abilities and construct a top-class team of people.

From local knowledge we have built up a global business. We are present in 60 countries and have a subsidiary in New Jersey (USA).

We are in the business of creativity and innovation and we like it. We have developed our own ecosystem to foster innovation and high performance.

We live for the thrilling challenge of developing top-class products, creating a consistent, global company and being a brand with an international reputation

We believe in our youth and in the future.

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