Viccarbe collection shows the value and references for a contemporany style of living, with a wide range products for confortable living. It is distinguished by great simplicity, innovate elegance and global brand awereness. Also, it can relate to the user thanks to its natural integration into different surroundings. This collection is ideal for people who live in the present and think of the future.


Because We manufacture contemporary furniture developed by the most prestigious international designers

Our collection is a worldwide reference for lounge areas.
Furniture useful for of allocating to our homes but also hundreds of facilities, always polyvalent
Our collection is precise, we just manufacture what is really good. Manufacture just the right things to consume what is necessary.

We are present in more than seventy countries and we only manufacture in Europe under the enviromental certification ISO 14001 

Product category: Chairs  .   Tables  .   Upholstered  .