The Boss Design Group brand has become a global success. Our focus on innovation and product design has made this possible. As a result our comprehensive range of upholstery and task seating remain at the cutting edge of design and at the forefront of our client's furniture requirements.

Boss Design's unique ingredient is our ability to tailor products to suit our client's requirements. We are always happy to sit down and discuss collaborative projects and the development of bespoke designs with clients looking to invest in rebranding and refurbishment programs.

We are proud of our design heritage and our ability to attract some of Europe's most sought after furniture designers to contribute to our ambitious development program. It is our creativity and passion for design that has enabled us to evolve and become one of the world's most desirable seating manufacturers.

Our Design and Development Team is made up of designers, engineers, model-makers and upholsterers; a permanent team of nine people at Boss Design and three people at Lyndon Design are supported by an international network of freelancers with wide-ranging skills and experience to help drive our product development program forward and ensure that the products we manufacture are as environmentally friendly, ergonomically sound and inspiringly formed as possible.

Our facilities in Dudley and Cheltenham are equipped with everything we need to develop, prototype and test products from upholstered armchairs and sofas to visitor, meeting, conference, task and operator seating.