Founded in 1877 as a small craftman's workshop, Castelli has emerged as one of the most fervent and exciting Italian design centres showing determination, creativity and intuition. Since 1945 Castelli has been a motor in the design and manufacture of office furniture and environments, with unique and original shapes and lines, created with the most important and in influential Italian and foreign designers. Emilio Ambasz, Claudio Bellini, Rodolfo Bonetto, Giancarlo Piretti, Charles Pollock, F.A. Porsche, Richard Sapper, just to name a few.

A union that has given rise to products that are still today considered remarkable reference points for the world of office furniture. Just think of the Plia chair, designed by Giancarlo Piretti and displayed at MOMA in New York or other prestigious awards won by Castelli in Italy and around the world: il COMPASSO D'ORO awarded by ADI for the seating line Vertebra designed by Emilio Ambasz and Giancarlo Piretti; for the desk system Dalle Nove alle Cinque designed by Richard Sapper; the Guya office chair designed by the Castelli Design Studio.

These prizes and awards are recognition of the strong character of the Castelli brand, able to distil the best of creativity, attention to the product, style and taste,which represent the core and heart of successful Italian design around the world. Castelli Design Studio has created products that give priority to the culture of experimentation and excellent design in the Italian tradition.