Pablo was founded in 1993 by Venezuelan born designer Pablo Pardo and has established it's studio in San Francisco. Embracing the "less is more" ideology, Pardo frequently changes traditional design metaphors developing more practical solutions that are free of decorative elements. A common thread links all of its creations valuing permanence and sustainability, discarding the disposable mind-set so common today.Born into a family of designers, musicians and engineers, Pablo combines the best attributes of each to form a more holistic approach to the creative process. The studio's interest in establishing enduring design collaborations with visionary individuals has blossomed, recognising the value of inclusiveness rather than exclusivity to best serve its mission in the design community.At the forefront of American contemporary lighting design, Pablo's designs exemplify an uncompromising devotion to simplicity and usefulness, fusing the highest technical sensibilities with the most appropriate material palette to create unique and precious designs that transform any environment.Each collection is purposefully categorised between, ambient, hybrid and task lighting options to better address the ever changing lifestyle of a modern world.