Date of birth: 16th January 1931
Place: Lima (Pery)
Degree: Faculty of Architecture of the Milan Polytechnic, 1959 Residence: Lurago d'Erba (Como)
Born of a family from Cadore emigrated to Pery, he came to Italy in the years immediatly following the war. A painter (he studied at Sironi's studio) and a keen basketball player (he played in the 2nd division), he started working in the years when he was still at University (where he went in 1949), seeing to fittings for stands and later finding work in the technical office of a firm producing lighting equipment. He then started his professional activities, dealing exclusively with industriai design. In this area he has collaborated with Arflex, Beliate, Caimi, Cinova, Citterio, Data International, La Linea, Lema, Matteo Grassi, Molteni, Montina, Ostuni-0-luce, Pierantonio Bonacina, Poltrona Frau, Pozzi, Schiffini, Tandem, Vefer and Ycami Collection. In the years between the Fifties and Sixties he taught Professional Design at the "Cesare Correnti" Art Institute of Lissone, helping to shape a whole generation of now affirmed designers. Also in those years he was voluntary assistant to Gio Ponti and Carlo De Carli at the Institute of Internal Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture of Milan Polytechnic.
He has received two nominations for the "Compasso d'Oro" prize for his work, and a gold medal, in 1986, at the Chicago NeoCom. Some of his pieces are in the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art.
He does not have a professional studio: he designs and develops his pieces directiy on site of the firms for whom he is working, in direct contact with technicians and executives. He has the taste for meticulous technical research: and takes a professional interest in manufacturing processes, new materiais, and constructional techniques, in which he has gained a great deal of expenence. Ideologically he follows the masters of the Bauhaus school, who had a great influence in his early formation. His hobbies are skiing (which he does in winter), sailing (which he does in summer) and cooking (which he does all the time).