Alessandro Mendini was born in Milan in 1931. He managed "Casabella" and "Domus" magazines and founded "Modo" in the ‘70s. He was awarded "The Golden Compasses" for his theoretical investigations in 1979. In the same year he joined the Alchimia Studio to work aside Ettore Scottsass and Michele De Lucchi. Mr Mendini was awarded another Golden Compasses prize in 1982 while working with Alchimia for realizing a Research about decoration. In 1989 he founded the Mendini Workshop in Milan, together with his brother Francesco. He is a honorary member of the Bezabel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, and a "Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres" in France and received the Architectural League of New York's award. In 2004, thanks to the project for the new underground stations, the city Council of Naples won Architecture's Gold Medal.