Curious by nature, he studied at the Art Institute of Urbino, in the animation and illustration, I am interested to computer graphics and computer animation, especially with regard to 3D image-editing software, then I am interested in photography, cinema and design.
In 1987 after several internships and above all self-taught as much experimentation, I start to work at different studios, with the first complex 2D/3D graphics workstations.
In 1993 I opened my first studio and started working as freelance agencies across Italy and occasionally abroad, the work ranges from 3D solid modeling and photorealistic rendering to animation, designing websites and interfaces, video / graphics, photo editing , artwork, never forgetting the dear "fat pencil" sketch in which every idea on paper first.
In 1996 I am authorized by Autodesk of Milan as head "Training Center" software "3dstudiomax5", making it a point of reference for the central Italy.
In recent years I have provided advice at several large companies, strategies and projects to the web, currently held mostly the work of illustrator, 3D visualiser, the publishing department of the publishing industry and the industry, sometimes even breaking into how designers product.
Collaborate successfully with the major international agencies and microstock images stock, sells its processed all over the world via its own e-commerce site. I have received numerous awards in various exhibitions and events.