Mario Ferrarini, born in Como in 1978, studied Industrial Design at the at the Design Department of the Milan Polytechnic. Since 2004, he started consulting for some of the leading international design and architecture studios in product development, exhibition and interior design. He received several awards, among them the competition Idee per la Luce in 2004, the Cristalplant Design Contest, in partnership with Antonio Lupi, in addition to participating in various events and exhibitions. From 2006 Mario Ferrarini designs products for some interesting international companies as well as interior design projects and exhibitions.

Pragmatic but visionary, theatrical but discreet, experimental but brand oriented. In short, at time intuition, often research,other company input represents the start for discussion. Every product has its own tory, where the unknowns of design, thought and production always have to be translated into ideas that re not ends in themselves, but aimed at a market the brand already works in and wants to further explore hrough diversification. The attempt in always to send perceptible messages through products, an intrinsic added value that translates into emotion, reflection or an intelligent solution.