Nilo Gioacchini

Nilo Gioacchini

After completing his art studies and a period at the ISIA [Institute of Artistic
Industries] in Florence, he worked at the Studio of Marcello Nizzoli and associates
in Milan, as a design manager.

All his work is characterized by a methodological approach, a concrete, pragmatic
attitude to projects, free from any conventionalism in terms of specialization
or trends.

His work is strongly distinguished by creativity presented as research into the
object, directed towards its interior and technical-cultural content, highlighting
the primitive generating energy, the character and the external form.

His studio operates in a variety of production sectors ranging from the design
of aeronautical interiors to products for domestic or community environments,
activating every possible design experience in a synergetic way.

His particular working method encompasses all the stages of the project, including
the commercial orientation, communication and Management Design.

For a number of years he has worked on projects with an original systemic approach
representing all types of production sectors, from the home to the community,
from services to high technology, designing a numerous and complex group of products,
many of which are currently in production.

The vagueness of the styles and characteristics of recent product culture is replaced
by the intensity of a new design energy. Products no longer appear as isolated
entities but are strengthened by the visibility of the ?system? seen
as a proper creative generator.

In over 35 years of professional activity he has worked with the most important
Italian and international companies in many different sectors. His work has been
recognized by countless design publications, catalogues and magazines.

From the very beginning, his work has received considerable international recognition,
winning design competitions such as the national Mobile Fiera Competition in Trieste,
the Bayer Italia Special Award and the Abet Print Award. His projects have also
participated in some of the most important national and international shows. Particularly
significant was his participation in ?Mobile totale? at the MOMA in
New York.

In 1991 and 2001 he received a recognition of honor from the ADI Compasso d?Oro
[Golden Compass ].

In 1999 and 2001, two of his products were selected for the ADI Index. In 1999,
2001 and 2003 he received the International Design Plus Award in Frankfurt and
won the International Innovationspreis fur Architektur und Technik (Architectural
and Technical Innovation Award).

In 2002 he received a special mention at the Comfort and Design Award of the Mostra
Convegno in Milan.

He acts as a consultant for large multinational groups in various product sectors
in the fields of production reorganization and the design of new products.

From 1989 to 2001 he was the artistic director of Catalano, promoting the company
with very significant results. From 2003 to 2006 he was a consultant for the Ideal
Standard, American Standard Europa and Ceramica Dolomite groups.

In the bathroom sector he is the consultant and designer for Teuco.

He is currently the artistic director of Hatria sanitaryware, part of the Marazzi