Born in Japan in 1941, Toyo Ito started his own studio Urban Robot in 1971. Its name was changed to Toyo Ito & Associates in 1979. 2003 he was awarded with the Leone d’oro prize for his career at the Biennale Exposition in Venice. Ito loves to experiment the different use of materials and to look for new tactile and visual opportunities. He is a master in dematerializing and lightening. Among his most recent works: Sendai Mediatheque (Japan), Bruges Pavilions (Belgium), Serpentine Gallery Pavilions (London), Oita Agricultural Park (Japan), Tokyo Tod’s Building and the most recent enlargement of the Barcelona Fair, where the two Towers, 114 m. high, will be standing in front of the Gran Via as the symbol for Fira 2. 2002 he started to collaborate with Horms and he projected Polka dots, Drill and Moony containers as well as Ripples bench. Only 99 pieces of this have been manufactured, each to be distributed on the world market with its own number and signature.