Javier Mariscal is, above all, a creator of images developed using all sorts of different media and disciplines (comics, illustration, graphic, industrial and textile design; painting sculpture, animation, ect.). In 1971 he moved to Barcelona and studied graphic design. In 1978 has published that Abcadari Illustrat. And in 1979 he designed the poster Bar Cel Ona. In 1989 he created Cobi, the mascot for the Barcelona '92 Olympic Games and founded the Mariscal Studio with a team of associates who enabled a broader development of his work in large-scale projects. In 1992 he and Alfredo Arribas designed the children's play area Acuarinto in the theme park Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki (Japan). In 1993 he developed the new image of Swedish Socialist Party Socialdemokraterna. He design several illustration for the covers of the magazines Aldus and The New Yorker (1993/4). In 1994 he created the corporate image for the post-production company FrameStore in London; in 1996 came the award of the mascot of the Hannover 2000 Expo, Twipsy, the winning of the competition of the graphic image of the University of Valencia. He is also working on the graphic image and interior design for the Lighthouse, a new Design and Architecture Centre in an old Mackintosh building in downtown Glasgow (1997). His wide range of projects included the design of various collection of forniture, textiles, porcelain and sculpture for such firm as: Akaba, Adex, BD Ediciones de Diseno, Nani Marquina, Pamesa, Memphis, Alessi, Swatch, Vorwerk, Rosenthal, Moroso, Cosmic, and Sangetsu. Furthermore, he has never abandoned the more artistic aspect of his career and has had a considerable number of exhibitions over the years. He also travels a lot given lectures, showing his work and telling his own personal experience to student from all over the world.