Born in 1899 in Turin, he is an engineer and a painter; he pursued that career
in Milan, Berlin and Paris from 1927 to 1934.

When Mucchi returned to Milan he played a lead part in the avant-garde movements
of the time, from Corrente to the Realist Movement; he helped found the latter
and was a cardinal figure in it. At the same time, he had a creative and functional
role in the Milanese group of Rationalist architects, from Pagano to Rogers, to
Albini, to Belgiojoso, to Gardella and to Zanuso. He worked with Bottoni, Lingeri
and Terragni on competitions and courageous built works.

He took part in the 5th Milan Triennale in 1933, with a fresco and the exhibit
of his Winding Sheet Chapel.

In 1934 he created the Via Marcora house, one of Milan's earliest examples of
Rationalist architecture.

In 1935 he designed and built some metal furniture, including the Genni lounge
chair. He participated in the 6th, 7th and 8th Triennale shows, either as an architect
or a painter. Mucchi was a member of CIAM and MSA.