Born in Milan in 1961, she graduated in architecture at the Milan Polytechnic and specialized in landscape architecture.
She started with collaborations with Italia Nostra and the Italian Environment Agency. She subsequently won several contexts for projects related to public green areas and for requalification of a large community park such as the Milan Idroscalo. She is currently responsible for the landscape in the frame of a new sea harbor devoted to oil transportation in Albania, currently in actual construction. Since 1991 she is the owner of a professional office that deals with landscape architecture, with projects that span from urbanization to restoring, trying to save the spirit of the original architecture. She is a specialist in park projects but also in private gardens and simple terraces, recurring for these purposes to the use of artificial and natural elements mixed together in harmony.
She is famous for a line of furniture shaped as artificial fences, called Landscape Furniture. Twenty years of her projects and their implementations are featured in the book Landscape Design published by Electa. All these items can also be found inside her web site  www.patriziapozzi.it.