She works in the field of advertising and publishing, both in Italy and in Germany, in Spain, in Japan, in Great Britain and in France. In 2004 she founded in Milan in cooperation with other artists the ‘Studio Container' , which deals with illustration , graphic design, photography , web design and 3D . Alessandra loves watercolors and pen with ink , and creates illustrations in which the painted area joins the digital part . Since 2012, she regularly co-operates with the Group - Tod's Diego della Valle, with fashion illustrations made with the technique of watercolor . Also the watercolor illustrations for the Lavazza Calendar 2015 are creations coming from her phantasy, with pictures made by Steve McCurry . She participated in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad , including a group show in Milan , at the Palazzo delle Stelline. Alessandra regularly holds workshops for the watercolor technique. Along with other artists she founded in 2011 IllustrAzioniincorso, which takes care of the organisation of workshops with subjects of publishing and illustration, and that works with clients such as FAI , Italian Environment Fund and UNICEF.