Ramón Úbeda (Jaén, 1962) is a journalist and designer. He began working in the world of design in 1984, while he was studying Architecture at the ETSAB in Barcelona. What is exceptional is that he has worked on aspects of architecture: as a journalist, graphic artist, designer, art director and curator. A multi-talented person, he was head writer at pioneering magazines such as De Diseño and Ardi, he has contributed articles to the most important Spanish and international publications, he has published several books, he was commissioner for several exhibitions, and he has practised cultural activism from institutions such as FAD, BCD or the Fundación Signes. At the same time, he has developed a wide professional activity as a designer, both graphic and industrial, specialising in furnishings and lighting. However, his best-known position is that of artistic director and consultant, in which he has specialised and where he feels most at home. He currently exercises this role in three of the largest Spanish design companies: BD Barcelona Design, Camper and Metalarte, all of which have received the National Design Award. In these companies, he works to develop other people's designs. On special occasions he creates his own designs, usually in collaboration with Otto Canalda.