Fontini fuses with the last architecture & home design trends which look for the recycling of natural elements such as wood & porcelain.

Garby recreates the charm of old times with an authentic design. Its porcelain body and its traditional key bring a touch of nostalgia & originality and can decorate every kind of rustic and urban ambiances.

Fontini combines functionality of its mechanisms with design, presenting various options. You could choose between wood or porcelain keys and blue or brown patterns. Some porcelain & wood frames especially designed for this range could also bring more authenticity to this product.


GARBY BLACK by Fontini

Fontini, leader in high end electrical mechanisms, surprises again with a new finish for its porcelain collection Garby.

Always at the interior design forefront, Fontini creates now Garby Black, an electrical mechanism aimed at country-houses and at who wants a vintage look in urban spaces.

Garby Black is an electrical mechanism with an enormous reception in the north of Europe. Nowadays prestigious interior designers in South of Europe like, Karlos Bayón and Jose María Martínez have chosen this finish to give the final touch to his exquisite spaces in Casa Decor.

Made with the highest quality standards, Garby Black accomplishes with the current European regulation. It can be use in fitting and surface installation, combined different Fontini wood frames.

Fontini, the interior design final touch.