Fontini S.A was founded in the early 1950s to manufacture electrical items for the industrial sector. Its founder, Juan Font González, named the company Industrias Juan Font - CIE.


In 1975, his successors joined the company and decided to broaden the range of products, increasing the number of references in the catalogue from 50 to 2,000 in twenty years.


In 1998, Fontini decided to take the route of supplying more decorative mechanisms. It was then that the company developed the Garby series, a range of switches with a novel rotary mechanism and a porcelain body, inspired by the early 20th century period. Since 2000, new product ranges have come to light, such as Garby colonial, Venezia, Dimbler, etc... surface installation systems with tubes that can have a rustic or modern finish.

The group entered the world of decoration and interior design with numerous appearances in Casa Decor, international trade fairs, interior design forums, etc. The year 2010 was marked by 2 important events within the group. Firstly, the Fontini Group celebrated its 60th Anniversary and launched a new range of commemorative switches to mark the occasion, the Collection 1950. Exclusive editions have been developed incorporating exquisite SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, partly designed by the team of designers within the Fontini Group, but also featuring a special edition designed by the French artist Diva, with her Jewel of the Wall, a unique switch with floral lines.


A new division was also created within the Fontini Group, FONT BARCELONA, to manufacture designer products whose brand of cutting-edge mechanisms, Five Dot One (5.1), was designed by the studio Guimerá i Cinca.


There has also been a diversification of activity with the creation by Nancy Robbins for FONT BARCELONA of MORFEO, a design lamp.


As a result of its experience, the Fontini Group has carved out its place in the world of architecture and interior design, understanding the difficulties and limitations faced by architects and interior designers when creating items for the electrical sector, each day developing new products that bring together design, innovation and technology (conventional or domotic) and that respond to the needs of the market. In other words, the customisation of each project through the collaboration of designers recognised for their work and creativity.


Each product is customised, each project unique.        

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