Alape's brand philosophy: shaping space 

Alape, founded in 1896, produces good quality and innovative bathroom equipment products in metal and wood. On a base of different components such as wash-basins, but also complete wash-systems, mirrors and a large furniture range, for private and public use. Alape produces with around 200 employees at two production sites in Goslar. Since 2001, Alape belongs to the Dornbracht group. 

For Alape, it's not the individual product, but the individual optimised assortment of products that counts. The object is to raise personal relevance of the range for the commercial representatives and creators. That's just what Alape does by giving more organisation liberty to these groups and gives the directing idea of "Shaping Space", conscient organisation of sectors. 

The course of this objective - the strategy - is characterised by the notion of "Enabling". Alape works with the creator, offers him a large range construction with products and services, and they both work in partnership on the different projects. 

All Alape products are organised under the same conception principles by the conception partners. Alape calls that "Super- Sampling". A capacity that does not buy in groups helps define a better identity and a larger application of all products. They can in that way be integrated in classic, family, country or even avant-gardist bathrooms. 

The conscious organisation of the bathroom sector has tendance to execute laminary works according to the used materials. Here again, Alape, as the world leader of this process, stays loyal to the used "Glassed Steel" - a composite material, flexible and with an excellent quality enamel surface. This material allows a unique precision of the products, and a quality a lot better than traditional ceramic. 

In our modern world, it`s impossible to imagine many products being constructed without the use of steel. 

For the manufacture of its built-in basins and washstands Alape utilises the significant benefits of GlassedSteel, a quite unique material. GlassedSteel is a composite consisting of a durable, yet lightweight steel body and a high-quality, integrated glass surface, producing an incomparable purity of form. It is resistant to impacts, scratches and acids, colourfast, durable and hygienic. 

What is really impressive about the Alape products made of GlassedSteel is the precision of their surfaces, edges and basic geometric forms. With their purist, universal product design they suit any architectural style, be it classical black-and-white, natural, country cottage or rational, uncluttered and modern. The visible trend towards individual washplace solutions with diverse counter tops also favours the use of products made of GlassedSteel. Its precise form, for example, enables built-in basins to be fitted totally flush with the counter top. Alape washstands can also be individually modified for special designs. 

GlassedSteel is extremely hard-wearing and durable. Innovative manufacturing methods keep the glaze extra thin and as it is fired it fuses to form a permanent bond with the steel body. The result is a product that is resistant to impacts, scratches and acids, colourfast and durable, with a sealed surface that makes it completely hygienic. On request, Alape will also further refine any product with special, additional glazes. While the easy-care surface, with its water repellent effect, is self-cleaning and avoids any build-up of dirt or lime, the anti-bacterial surface automatically stops the spread of bacteria. 

Alape is one of the leading exponents of GlassedSteel. There is scarcely another sanitaryware company worldwide that work steel with the same precision and sophisticated design as Alape. And yet the benefits of this innovative material are not reflected in the price, which is on a par with comparable, ceramic products.    

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