Carmen Cheong was born in Singapore. After graduating as a product designer she moved to England where she worked for several years in the furniture design industry. Later she enrolled into the Industrial Design Master's program at the Royal College of Art in London where she met the then fellow student and now current partner Moritz Engelbrecht.
Moritz Engelbrecht was on other hand born in Berlin and has been planning interiors and furniture since he graduated from the Munich Technical College. His deep interest in furniture led him to further study furniture design in London where he met the other half of what was to become Lemongras Design.
Coming from two different cultures Carmen and Moritz were united by their appreciation of object making and aesthetics. Lemongras Design's mix of different working methods and backgrounds had brought a greater dimension to their work. This almost symbiotic union of traditions and sensibilities greatly benefits their creative process and is clearly visible in the unique work which they create. Since these, like the Lemongras Design founders, bridge cultures and in doing so create something new and unique.
«A piece of modern furniture is not just part of a spatial effect or a pure aesthetic pleasure, it should be rather an object with a light human touch that embraces people and makes a home one aspires to create».