For almost three years, Andrea Radice, born in 1979, and Folco Orlandini, born in 1972, have been working together to design several products with a personal and intense style. Both graduated at the Politecnico di Milano, the former in industrial design and the second in architecture, they met after several work experiences. In 2008, they started working together and carried out many projects for a lot of companies.


Led by the idea of a design able to combine easthetics and functionality, Andrea and Folco conceive their projects as a synthesis of three elements - paternity, irony and improvement.
Each creation is followed step by step, from the initial idea to the finished product.
The irony consists of the continuous search for the real meaning of the object lying behind the simple appearance. Their whole style is based on this concept. Growing means improving and improving means creating new products with better functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics.