Giorgio  Di Tullio

Giorgio Di Tullio

With a philosophical formation, he writes and 
directs pieces for theatre before to explore 
myths and traditions of 
various lands, creating documentaries with architectural, natural 
and anthropological subjects. He has carried 
out activity of search and documentation in Russia, Iceland, Southafrica, New 
Zealand, Scandinavia, Americas, Europe and 
China. From 1998 it all over the world 
directs an international plan of search and 
documentation on the evolution of 
the architecture and the design, interviewing the 
greater world -wide protagonists of the plan 
and documenting to new buildings and city plans. He carries out 
activity of industrial design and advising 
on projects: the sense of the things, the innovation in the processes, the 
objects, the communication. He has received 
international prizes and mentions in design field (DesignPlus2007, Adi Index 
2004/2006/2007) and for the activity of 
direction (Montreal, Varese, Lisbon). In 2006 he designed the scenes 
and he directs, in theatre, "Made in Italy" of and with Vincenzo 
Cerami, musics edited by Nicholas Piovani, production 
Festival of the Literature of Mantova, an Italian history from the 
post -war period today through the design, through 
objects and plans. In the course of the years he produced 
installations on the topic of the nature, of the water, the architecture, the light. In 
occasion of the Salone del Mobile in 
Milan 2007 he was author of the terratre 
performance, care of iGuzzini partner assistance 
site and Co -author, with Piero Castiglioni, Michele De Lucchi, Denis Santachiara, of 
performance All you need is Light, in Triennial. He organized 
performances and conventions all over the world 
and was part of international committee for design competitions 
and cinema. He teaches in various university 
on matters related to industrial design. In 
2007 he the first film director, 
authorized to enter in Korea of the North 
with film crew and photo cameras. He 
has two sons and after a lot of 
travels he decided to settle down himself in Fano, a 
small city of the Marche, Italian region 
of extraordinary and sweet landscapes. In the industrial design, he has, with 
Stefano Ragaini, constructed the ADhoc brand, archeating 
and he designed several radiators. He collaborates to project 
integrated design processes, with the companies 
of the Gruppo Ragaini, with Guzzini, Loccioni Group, Scavolini, ErnestoMeda. He 
collaborates with BolognaFiere for the re-design of the corporate communications and for 
fairs like SAIE, Sana, SaieSpring.